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As you can see this community is titled Just the L. What that means is in this little corner of LJ land some of us are taking the L out of the GLBT. While much of our goals will go to benefit all women, we are primarily concerned with the advancement of bio born female ID'd lesbians. If you do not fit this criterea we would appreciate if you pass us over for a more fitting community.

Some of the goals of this community will be the breaking down/deconstructing of binary (male/masculine=strong/good & female/feminine=weak/bad) gender norms.

Twice monthly we will choose an issue, brainstorm a bit on that issue and together start a 14 day email protest against said issue (think all those commercial products where women are still cooking and cleaning up the house).

We will also bring to the attention of community members, various causes in major cities acrossed the country that pertain to lesbian/womens issues. We will encourage members to participate in some of the causes and empower other members with their experiences/pics regarding the cause.

Aside from the email campaign topics/discussions, all other topics should remain primarily about lesbian issues. There are enough communities including personal journals for whiney ass posts about your g/f not putting the cap back on the toothpaste!

But promoting = uncool.

Contrary to popular paranoia, this community has nothing to do with nor is it against ljcomm=lesbian .. we have more important issues to deal with in here than you. Thanks.

And remember: You've got ovaries, dont be afraid to use them!

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